Chakras, or energy centers, are believed to be vortices of energy located in specific areas throughout the body as well as beyond the body.  The use of certain crystals can help the client feel and experience those energy centers, allowing natural healing to penetrate each area.  At times in our lives, we struggle with releasing old wounds or traumas and hold onto them.  This can dampen or obstruct natural energy flows, which may eventually lead to physical manifestations of illness, pain or injury.  The body responds to emotional/mental/spirtitual states of well-being or not so well-being.  If we neglect the messages of emotional pain, for example, then the body will manifest these messages until a physical symptom requires us to deal directly with the problem.

Meditation techniques originating in India have provided insight into the normal workings and colors of the chakras.  Stones and crystals which match these colors or intentions are generally used to boost the energy flow, remove blockages or energetic stagnation so that the energetic body can work together more dynamically. 
Can Reiki replace a doctor's visit?  Reiki is not recommended as a substitute for standard Western or any other types of medical care.  However, it makes an excellent addition to any approach.  Many hospitals have found it beneficial to patient care and offer Reiki as a standard practice.  Reiki can be combined with other medical treatments to increase the effectiveness, reduce side effects and otherwise ease discomforts from standard medical treatments.  For example, many patients undergoing chemotherapy find Reiki an excellent addition to their treatment, easing the side effects of medications and bringing a feeling of peace that can only help in the battle toward health.

Does it hurt?  Generally not at all!  However, some clients may momentarily become aware of pain that requires their attention when they are on the table.  Reiki treatment can be administered without the practitioner ever touching the client, so it is safe to recieve even during acute phases of injury or illness (when massage would not be recommended).  Since it doesn't require touch or tissue manipulation, clients do not disrobe.  If permission to touch is given by the client, the practitioner will very gently touch the client's body without any movement of tissue--unless Reiki massage is agreed upon beforehand. 

What does Reiki feel like?  The touch of Reiki can feel warm or cool, depending on the flow of the energies.  Some experience the energy flow as an electrical or tingling feeling.  Some may feel the energy touch them so intensely that it feels like a hand is placed on them, even when the practitioner is not touching them.  Others may experience only colors or light.  Still others may only have a sense of great relaxation or deep meditation or dreaming.  Due to the intense relaxation often experienced, clients are asked not to plan anything for 30 minutes after a session.  Bookings are staggered in the studio to allow clients time to slowly return to themselves before the next session begins.

Where does Reiki come from?  The technique was first put into practice by Mikao Usui in 1922, who recieved the "Reiki cure" spontaneously at the end of a 21-day meditation at Mount Kurama in Japan.  He then taught others to administer the healing energies, who have then passed the abilities or knowledge to other students.  Usui Reiki, sometimes called traditional Reiki, is at the heart of my Reiki practice.  My lineage descends from Mikao Usui through several lines to my teachers (William Rand, Laurelle Gaia and Michael Baird) who are all master teachers with The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).  If you are interested in learning Reiki (anyone can learn how!), I do teach classes all over the west coast; visit Reiki Nomad for more information.
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Energy Work and Reiki

What is Reiki?  Reiki, is a form of "energy work" which is more like "laying on of hands" than a massage.  No tissue manipulation is used with Reiki, but it can easilly be combined with massage.

What effects can I expect from a treatment?  Reiki is very relaxing, and a great way to reduce stress.  All clients report a deep sense of peace and relaxation after a session.  Some report healing:  emotional, mental or spiritual as well as physical.  The technique is gentle, but powerful, and can have a profound effect with even a brief session.

How does it work?  We are all energy.  Cells without energy are lifeless.  Reiki releases your body's own healing powers to help the body/mind/emotions/spirit to let go of old wounds and move forward in healing.  The term Reiki is derived from two Japanese words:  Rei (Universal) and Ki (life force energy).  The Reiki practitioner works with this spiritually guided life-force energy to encourage the natural healing of the client.  And yes, it even works when the client doesn't "believe".

Is Reiki a religion?  Not at all.  The practice is spiritual in the sense that energies are at work.  Since most people cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste these energies they are often believed to be spiritual or religious practices. 
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- Reiki Drumming
- Reiki Sound Healing
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Crystal Healing Reiki

If you've operated a computer or anything with a microchip, viewed a monitor or a television screen, then you have used crystals and energy.  Crystals have unique properties for conducting electricity and information storage--this is well established by physics and can be seen in virtually all of our electronic devices.

If you see yourself as energy, then the connection to crystals used in a healing or cleansing process really isn't a great leap into the land of magic and Woo-Woo.  The idea behind using crystals in Reiki treatments or other types of energetic bodywork, is that different elements in crystals and stones will resonate more strongly (or less strongly) with certain aspects of your own body's energetic systems.
Gift certificates are available at reduced rates!  Buy a package of 10 sessions and save 15%.

Kinesio taping may be purchased separately or added to any massage service, reducing the primary session time.  Tissue manipulation prior to taping is recommended for best results.

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Reiki Drumming & Sound Healing

If you have ever had elementary school science, you are probably familiar with the Kinetic  Theory of Matter, which posits that all matter is composed of molecules that are in motion--that the motion of molecules in solids are limited because the molecules are so densely packed together, where they move more freely in liquid and gaseous forms do to the availability of space between the molecules.  Some physicists believe that for zero Kelvin (absolute zero) to take place all molecular motion (or vibration) would have to cease, which is not possible according to our current understanding of the universe.  In 2008, two physicists were actually able to record the "sound" of hydrogen molecules vibrating (Thumm and Feuerstein through work done with the Mas Planck Institute).

In other words, you and I, and all things around us are already vibrating.  The idea behind using Reiki with sound healing (using sound from tuning forks, toning/chanting, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and/or drums) is that the frequency of the sound allows our bodies to return to intended frequencies of health and wholeness.  Since our bodies are mostly liquid (up to 75% water), sound vibrations travel through us easily.  In my own experience, Reiki infused sound is something I feel intensely, most especially at the moment when sounde ceases.

This moment of silence is believed to be filled with our particles, following the intention set up in the Reiki infused sound, settling back to a less scattered vibration.  Again, from my own experience, I felt this moment of vibrational "echo" when the Reiki sound cuts off, and the sudden silence passes through your system like a shock wave.  It is difficult to describe, but it is not an effect I have ever experiened in years of playing or singing music that is not Reiki infused.

Using Reiki sound healing techniques, I can provide chakra clearing and alignment, general Reiki treatment and Reiki drumming.  The vibration of the drum played over your body during a Reiki session is a unique and energizing experience, as the pulsing rhythm of the drum echoes through your whole body.  In addition to Reiki drumming treatments, I can also assist clients in journeying to the source of their emotional ills and problems.  This is similar to a technique used by shamanic practitioners, using the rhythm of the drum to engage in an altered state.  Reiki intentions and support help clients witness and heal for themselves their own past traumas and wounds.
Amy Alward is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (Provider #593).  Amy provides Reiki classes, Reiki Crystal Healing classes (crystals included), and Karuna Reiki classes throughout California, Oregon, and Washington.  To see a full description of classes and schedules please visit
Shamanic Practices

Amy is trained through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (founded by Michael Harner).  Michael Harner, PhD is an anthropologist with a research career and shamanic experience spanning 5 decades.  His life's work has been to explore shamanic practices across 5 continents, finding common practices from around the world and teaching these as core shamanic studies.  Around the world and throughout human history, shamanic practitioners have acted as liaisons between the spiritual world and the communities they serve.  Shamans provide spiritual healing and protection for their clients with techniques such as:  power animal retrieval, extraction, psychopomp (escorting the dead or preparing the dying for their transition), and power soul retrieval.

Power animal retrieval:  this technique provides protection for clients from benevolent spirit animals.  It is a relationship that will need to be cultivated just like any friendship.  Clients feeling disempowered, wounded or otherwise lost in the wake of trauma will benefit greatly from power animal retrieval.

Extraction:  this technique is used to remove spiritual intrusions or "darts" that have made themselves comfortable in our physical or spiritual bodies.  This can be an effective treatment for removing spiritual causes of illness or recovery from trauma.

Psychopomp:  this method is used to help those who have died to fully cross to their final spiritual destination--rather than being trapped on this plane.  In addition, these techniques can be altered to help those approaching death (hospice patients, terminally ill or failing elders) to release fears and explore what awaits them in their transition.  It can help the dying have peace and comfort in their final days.

Power soul retrieval:  this technique can help clients to recover personal power following trauma, illness or wounds--speeding recovery and ensuring health.
Essential Oils

In her practice, Amy utilizes Young Living essential oils, if desired by the client.  Young Living oils are reliably pure, with no harsh overtones or "off" aromas so many other products provide.  Amy can provide custom blends of massage oils or the simply use a diffuser during sessions to aid in your deep relaxation.  In addition, she also provides Raindrop Therapy treatments for those interested in the deeply healing and cleansing use of oils directly on the skin

Raindrop Technique:  this treatment takes 90 minutes start to finish, and includes the use of 7 essential oils/blends from Young Living.  Oils are applied to the soles of each foot using reflexology principles, then also lightly applied to the spine and back.  The session concludes with a 10-minute hot towel compress.  Since this treatment does require a longer session and a significant amount of essential oils, it is not included in regular sales or specials. Price for the 90 minute session is $150

Abbreviated Raindrop:  this treatment uses the same oils of the full Raindrop Technique, but oils are only applied to the feet.  The 30 minute gentle foot massage, following reflexology principle, is followed by a 10-minute hot towel foot wrap.  Cost per 40 minute session is $60.

Essential Oils Basics: every 5th Tuesday from 7-8:30 pm there will be an essential oils talk in the studio.  In 2016 this only happens in March, May, August and November.  Each event will start with some basic talk about oils, including a brief demo of a Raindrop session, and crafting a personal care item attendees can take home.  This year we will make bath salts, fizzy bath bombs, baking soda "shampoo", and lotion.  If you are interested in oils, don't miss these meet ups!