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Infant Massage Lessons

Infants and toddlers can also benefit from regular massage, and you as a caregiver
can provide! 

I do not massage infants or toddlers, but I do teach caregivers to bond with their littlest
ones over safe, regular Touchtime

Lessons are held for four sessions, usually on a weekly basis, covering a massage
routine for the entire body. 

Infant massage can provide many benefits to babies and caregivers:
•   babies sleep better, faster, deeper, longer
•   relief from pains of colic, constipation and teething
•   babies who are massaged regularly are smarter!
•   improve lifelong bonds between caregivers and children
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Pediatric Massage:  tiny bodies need nuturing touch. 

Scientific studies of children recovering from surgery show faster recovery when
nuturing tough therapy was administered.

Babies who received regular massage, grew up to be smarter than infants who
did not recieve touch therapy.  Pediatric patients who received therapeutic massage
also slept better (faster, deeper and awoke more rested) than those who did not.

Relief of pain for common childhood issues (without drugs) such as:
•   colic
•   constipation
•   teething
•   growing pains

The benefits have been established scientifically, but as much as tiny bodies could
use a massage, that nurturing touch needs to be tailored to the specific needs of the

Taking a preschooler to a spa is not going to be fun for them! 

Nor will the massage professional be trained in how to safely, effectively tailor their
approach for smaller, more fragile bodies and very young hearts/minds.

As a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT), I have been trained by
Tina Allen, the international leading expert in Pediatric Massage (through the Liddle
Kidz Foundation).  Tina teaches an approach that lets touch therapy meet the child
where they are comfortable. 

The physical tissue work is safe for anyone of any age, and care is taken to assure
child safety and security at all times.
Appointments are generally:
•   short (30-45 minutes) to accommodate the shorter attention span of youngsters
•   done fully clothed
•   on the floor (massage tables are very tall for little ones)
•   completed with caregiver present
•   use lots of toys, games and songs
•   in the child's own home--going out to new places can be scary for some.

Care is taken to teach the child (through example) about appropriate touch "hygiene" and boundaries.  This means that the child's wishes are respected
and listened to at all times during their session.  You, as the adult caregiver, may pay the therapist, but ultimately your child is the client.  This means
that you and I may have agreed to have a massage session on a given day and time, but the child may not want to be touched when that time comes.  I
only provide therapeutic touch with my client's permission--partly because it can only be effective if the client is willing, and partly because every child
deserves the right to say whether someone can or cannot touch them.  I am highly sensitive to the fact that many of my clients have complicated
medical interventions going on in their lives--things that they do not get to have a say about.  Massage is an optional activitiy, and an opportunity for
each child to regain control over what is happening to their own body.

A large part of my job is to reassure my small clients and gain their trust.  Once they have received therapeutic touch, few turn it down!  However,
please understand that initial sessions, or sessions when the client is having difficulties may not look like 30 full minutes of "massage".  We will
schedule a 30 minute session with the hope of lots of contact, but in the end, touch/massage may only be 5-10 minutes.  This is actually a beautiful
thing, to meet each child where they are!  Pediatric massage does not look like adult massage; results from even 5 minutes of contact will be evident.

Pediatric massage differs from adult massage in the way it is scheduled as well.  Adults are used to making quick appointments and dropping by that
same day.  Given that these bodies are smaller and often facing medical issues, scheduling an appointment does take a little extra time and planning. 

Steps to a Pediatric Massage appointment:
•   Telephone conversation with CPMT:  review child's likes/dislikes, fears, medical issues and any medications.
•   Medical approval for massage:  forms sent to caregiver who discusses with medical professional, both parental and medical approval required.
•   Massage appointment booked when forms returned:  CPMT will need time to review forms and consult with child's medical team, if necessary
•   Caregiver prepares child for massage session:  CPMT will work with caregiver to provide references, pictures or stories as needed
•   Massage time arrives!  Caregiver is always present, CPMT interacts with child on the child's terms

After the initial appointment, future appointments can be booked more rapidly, but the work that needs to be done prior to an initial visit takes 3 weeks
lead time in most circumstances.  As a caregiver, if you have already determined that this therapy will help your child, you may be understandably
impatient to move forward.  Things move slowly for that first appointment to assure that your child receives the absolute best care I can provide.
Special Pediatric Clients

Autism/ADHD/Sensory Processing Disorder:  these kids are bright lights, and the world can get to be too much for them. 

As a woman on the spectrum, with many sensory sensitivities, I offer understanding on a level that many around them may not have.  Until I received massage in my pediatric autism class, I had never been touched in a way that put my needs first and kept my physical body from going into a state of flight or fight.  It took me nearly 47 years to discover this--that touch didn't have to burn, itch, tickle repulsively or hurt, and most of all that it could be on my terms.  I'm passionate about bringing this revelation to my brothers and sisters who have sensory issues--with the hope that children are taught this simply as a matter of course. 

Massge tailored to this population will bring this knowledge, but will also help them sleep better, settle themselves in their bodies and help them to better integrate their sensory processing inputs.  There are physical as well as emotional results to be given in this arena, and I hope that if you have a child with these needs you will give me a chance to share my own life experiences with you, your child and your entire family.

Cancer:  these kids are poked and prodded, medicated, cut and burned, in an all out war for their health and survival.  They are battle weary, fatigued of their own suffering and weary of getting little choice about how they get to live. 

Likely you feel much the same way as a caregiver. 

Pediatric massage for cancer, palliative care or hospice has at its center nurturing touch and comfort.  These kids are frequently enduring constant pain, and the idea behind the gentle touch is to allow them to relax and rest during and after a session. 

These sessions are frequently given in hospital rooms and no movement of the child is required. 

Pediatric massage for cancer training has provided me with the knowledge I need to deliver services tailored to children with ports, radiation sites and surgeries.  As a massage professional, I know when to consult closely with the child's medical team about contraindications of massage (areas or times when increased circulation, friction of light touch or heat may be contraindicated).
Infant massage lessons can be given privately in your home--with either just you and your child, or you can host a class in your home and invite your friends and
playmates!  Classes are also offered in public locations several times a year.  Prices will vary depending on class size and location. 
2016 classes in Chico will be:

- Wednesday mornings in April, & again in Jun/Jul
- Tuesday mornings in Sept
- Saturday mornings in May or Oct/Nov

Chico rates are $80 for 4, 1-hour classes and  $80 an hour for private lessons (parties are negotiated on a case by case basis).
30 Minutes - Call out
45 Minutes - Call out/Studio
Hospital/Hospice visit
Infant Massage Class
Services and Fees  - Chico Area

Kinesio Tape applications also available for kids!

Kinesio taping may be purchased separately or added to any massage service, reducing the primary session time.

Older peds clients/athletes can be seen in studio on
Wednesday afternoons in the Chico studio (1810 Esplanade, Suite B).

Call outs are recommended for younger or special needs clients (30 minute maximum).

Call, text or e-mail to ask for your appointment:

(530) 332-8070